Throughout the day there is opportunity to hear and interact in a number of electives. The following descriptions give you an idea about what is on offer during the elective times. They promise to be worthwhile attending, increasing our knowledge of what God is doing around the world, and challenging us and our churches into missions.

‘’2018差傳宣教動員大會‘’ 主講英文, 配普通話翻譯,另有兩個普通話講座供選擇。Activate 2018 will feature two electives run in Mandarin, and the main sessions will be interpreted

Holistic Witness

When we examine our broken world and consider how different churches respond to it, it seems that some emphasise the proclamation of the good news and others champion social transformation. But can – or should – we strive to do both? What does the Bible teach us about these two responses of mission? Is one more important than the other? Come to this elective to hear about and interact with the theological reflections of a well regarded mission practitioner.

 Whirlwind Witnesses

Short-term mission has become a major part of global outreach, but it comes with many questions. How do we avoid the pitfalls and maximise the benefits? When does it help and when does it hinder? Come to this elective to explore how short-term mission can be effectively integrated into long-term cross-cultural witness.

Broken Borders

If the unprecedented worldwide displacement of people were a country, it would be the 24th largest one. Forced displacement has reached epidemic proportions, with images of desperate, homeless people constantly before us. As God’s people, how do we respond to these broken borders? This elective will help you understand the geopolitical situation, explore some opportunities for Kingdom witness, and our place in this.

Costly Witness

Witnessing in a broken world demands an encounter with risk and suffering. Although we don’t confront that reality very often in Australia, it is true for many parts of the world. Come and hear from a couple who have tackled this head on.

Clay Jars

If we’re honest with ourselves we know that we all struggle in some way. How does suffering fit with Jesus’ call to minister with him to share the good news of the Kingdom? This elective will explore how God uses normal everyday people to be a light to others, and how our suffering and struggles can transform us so we are more effective participants in God’s mission to the world.

The Storyteller

Are you inspired by good storytelling? Would you like to be able to share your stories of faith in creative ways, that connect with the human heart?  Come along and spend time with Naomi Reed. Participants will be telling stories, writing stories, and finding themselves in awe once again of the Storyteller, Himself.

Ways to Witness

Just as there is glorious diversity in the Kingdom of God, so there are many ways to share the gospel. Come and hear how God has used a variety of people to witness across the globe, using their different gifts, talents, backgrounds, and experience.

同心合意興旺福音1:宣教後方 // Partners in Witnessing 1: Backstage

We are called to be involved in God’s mission, but not every one of us is called to witness amongst an unreached people. What then should the others do? Have you found a way to partner in witnessing? This elective will set the scene for the missionary task, but will shine a spotlight on the essential ‘backstage’ partnership roles that make the task possible.

同心合意興旺福音2:宣教前線 // Partners in Witnessing 2: Frontline

Many churches have a desire to increase their mission involvement or effectiveness, but they can be limited by a lack of empathy for those they partner with. What is it like to live and witness in another culture? This elective will give a taste of the joys and challenges of cross-cultural church planting in a broken world, and explore practical ways to invest deeply with those on the frontline.

Prayer Room

Prayer is essential to our spiritual health and our ability to work with God in his plans. If you’re exploring whether or where God is calling you, if you’re not sure how to respond to what you hear at Activate, or if you’re just in need of some prayer, this is the room for you! There will be people available to pray with you during the electives, and they’d love to minister to you in this way.