A Rocha: In Conversation with Andrew McCulloch

In this elective, Julia Jardine from A Rocha is in conversation with Andy McCullloch, Partnerships Director at Global Interaction.

Growing up in the English Lake District and inner-city London embedded in Julia a deep love for the environment and people. This found expression in her work as a town planner through the planning and design of sustainable communities. Since moving to Australia in 2017, Julia has joined the board of A Rocha Australia. A Rocha seeks to glorify God, proclaim His goodness, and practically demonstrate His restorative work through caring for the environment. Discovering a love for all creation at the heart of the gospel set Julia on a journey of discovery as to how personal discipleship, mission, and caring for creation are inextricably entwined.

Andy shares some of the opportunities, joys and challenges of creation care mission from his own experience running community environmental programmes in SE Asia. Hear how Andy discovered that God could use his professional training as a town planner on the mission field. He explains how, with growing awareness of environmental problems, such projects are welcomed around the world, and how they serve as a means of connecting with people from different cultural and faith backgrounds. Andy shares Global Interaction’s heart and plans for introducing more work of this kind around the world.

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