We have an amazing lineup of elective speakers for Activate and they are worth listening to as they are helpful in increasing our knowledge of what God is doing around the world, and challenging us and our churches into missions.

At Activate 2022, we will be offering some amazing electives for you. Hear from a wide range of experienced people share their stories and advice on mission topics.Elective 1: Steve will be sharing about his ministry among asylum seekers and refugees in Melbourne over the last 20 years. This is with people who are from countries closed to the gospel. Come and hear about the amazing opportunities that have opened up including those associated with the fall of Kabul last August. More people are needed to help in this rewarding ministry.
So, God has put cross-cultural mission on your heart. How do you prepare? Who should you talk to? How do you know you are ready? Come join our Panel discussion and learn from those who have gone before you whether you are single, married or a young family.
Screens are everywhere and in every corner of our world. They are in our houses, our cars, our pockets, they are on our wrists and maybe soon even our glasses! We use them, our friends use them and even someone on the other side of the world uses them. What opportunities are there for the Gospel to be shared? How can you be a part of it?
“I’m not a church planter, or a bible translator – how could I do missions?” This elective talks about exciting opportunities to use your profession in missions. Hear how God tapped Helen, Simon, Ian, and Hannah on the shoulder to use their career training in taking the gospel to the nations.